3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI Analysis, Choose the Right Tool

November 22, 2018 By Adam Willson

3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI Analysis, Choose the Right Tool

3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI analysys offers an innovative approach to the Lifecycle Automation bringing a definitive ROI to the test cycle in every phase. Automation is an integral part in the quality process. Achieving the productivity of 3x and a savings of nearly 70% savings is possible now with autonomics industry-first based automation platform.

accelQ is a complete automation platform that tests the design, automates, and executes the business process with focus. It enables the business analysts and manual tester to automate without any programming of codes requirement. It also ascertains the approach of design firs and ensures there is inbuilt modularity. There is no need for any type of framework and the automation is early with the first virtualized abstraction to enable functional testing.

Tips to Choose Test Automation Tool

Several options

This is a crowded space than before. There is a need to get lost so that the tools refer to fancy abilities so that you get the basics right. The rate of success from test automation is much lesser to the expectations. It is essential for a tool to be efficient in handling the modern application landscape complexities and to help in building low maintenance and sustainable automation.

Here is the framework to assist in maximizing the value of your focus and time and focus on critical aspects to anticipate from tool.

Narrow your list down

Doing comparisons means you can strike the options depending on apparent factors and list of work. You can maximize on trial and assessment, so that it works and you get the required app and business landscape.

It is easy to mislead the record and play. It is marketed and you can come fast across this technology a decade older. Also keep away from tools that has the core expertise and that is not automation such as the testing tools that are model based and integrate with the automation tools.

In case the automation tool fails to offer core functionality like automation assets managing, service automation, tracking and reporting, so do not waste time. You must not get into the trap of integration. The core functionality should be easy and native to attain success. Breaking the lifecycle core of automation into varying tolls just leads to inefficiencies.

The codeless automation tools may be challenging and so moving the test logic is not helping the purpose. The tools drive logic from the spreadsheet that is suffering from shortcomings.

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